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27 December 2006 @ 08:24 pm
Seattle Grace Hospital  
Addison had left the trailer, a heavy feeling hovering over her. She knew the moment she and Derek shared in the trailer wouldn't be their last happy moment together. There were going to be lots of moments in which they would go out and find their love for one another again. The only problem was they would have to make time to work things out, to talk about the past, about Mark and Meredith, about why they fell apart.

It wasn't fair. Why couldn't they just know and move on? Why did they have to bring out the pain and everything that's happened? Addison knew it was something they needed to do. She knew very well without talking about those things, their marriage would fall apart again. She just wished they could fast forward through all of that and just be happy, just be Addison and Derek.

Of course, life never worked that way and they would have to battle it out, hoping and keeping faith that they would come out of it alive and stronger than ever.

She'd gotten Finn's first text message on her way to the hospital but decided against texting him back until she got to the hospital; however, by then he'd already withdrawn his first request and told her to take a rain check. Noting that she really needed to talk to him, Addison made a mental note to contact him later. The night before had been complicated and she was sure she'd led him on. Now things were different and she was going to work things out with Derek so she needed to tell him. He was a good friend and she was sure that she would need his shoulder to lean on when things got tough with Derek so she needed to be absolutely honest with him.

Her day had gone on with very little difficulty. Everything was the same as always. Patients, babies, mothers; just the same thing she dealt with on a day to day basis. Her mind however drifted to Derek quite often. They always had, but this had gotten to a point where she almost couldn't keep her mind off of it. Her mind was on Derek when she walked down the halls. It was on Derek when she wrote notes in a chart. The only time she could tear her mind away from Derek was when she was actually in surgery. She was a surgeon and her patients deserved the best. She would not let her personal life jeopardize a patient's life.

Now Addison was staring blankly down at a chart at the nurses' station, pen in hand but unmoving. All she could think about was Derek, wondering when she'd be able to see him again, when they could have a moment like they'd had that morning. She missed the sheer bliss and playfulness they'd always shared in the beginning of their relationship. The morning let her get a glimpse of that again and all she wanted was for every moment to be just like that; Addison and Derek, the way they were supposed to be. It was just a dream, but it was dream she was going to hold on to.
dr_shep on January 1st, 2007 08:39 pm (UTC)
Their tongues dueled, and Derek couldn't help smiling against her mouth as she moaned into his. He always loved the noises she made while they were making love. They always served to give him more pleasure and drive him more over the edge.

He could feel her inner muscles clenching against him, and he pulled back from the kiss, nipping at her lips. He wanted to hear her as she reached her climax. He wanted to hear his name on her lips. Nothing could match the way she said his name.

Still nipping at her bottom lip with his teeth, Derek thrust as deeply and completely into her as he could manage. He wanted her to remember this. He wanted to remember this.
xaddis0nx on January 1st, 2007 11:50 pm (UTC)
Addison kept their eye contact as he continued to move above her. She gasped for breath as he brought her closer and closer to her peak. Lifting her hips to meet his thrusts, she groaned and gripped onto his arms, digging her nails into his skin.

It wasn't long before Derek pushed her over the edge, her orgasm making her body shudder as she moaned out his name. Her eyes finally shut as she rode out her orgasm with Derek still moving in and out of her.

To Addison, this had to be the best session of love-making they'd ever had. She'd never felt more connected with him than she was now. The thought that their love could grow this much with so little time was unbelievable. They'd gone from being unfaithful and on the brink of divorce to this; loving each other more than they'd ever done so before. It was amazing in and of itself.

Her hands traveled to his back, softly caressing his sweat-covered skin as she awaited his climax to make her truly his again.