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09 July 2007 @ 01:01 am
Derek stirred the next morning when the early morning sunlight was just beginning to illuminate the room. Yawning, he rolled to his side and used one hand to wipe his eyes of sleep. He snaked his arm out as he opened his eyes in a squint, still adjusting to the light, and he spotted the figure of Addison sleeping soundly, her back turned to him.

Smiling, he trailed his fingers lightly along her hair as he allowed memories of the previous day to wash over him. They'd gone to the Brownstone and, somehow, managed to emerge stronger and more in love than they'd ever been at any point in their relationship. Both infidelities and absence had been addressed and set aside for greater plans for their future.

And, Derek recalled as his grin grew, the family he'd always dreamed of was more of a possibility now than ever. It had been set aside for so long, but they were looking forward to a future. Sure, he had his doubts. They'd barely moved past the potential for a divorce, and he couldn't stop the nagging desire of just wanting Addison to himself from creeping up. But he also figured no one was ever really ready for parenthood. They could just attempt to be prepared for the opportunity and agree to love each other unconditionally. That was something he could do.

Addison stirred slightly, shifting in her sleep and bringing Derek from his reverie slightly. His eyes trailed down from the red locks that were splayed around her shoulders and on her pillow down to the milky skin of her back bared by the satiny lingerie she was wearing. Remembering Addison's promise before she'd drifted off to sleep, Derek glanced back at the clock; it was well after eight.

Wanting to make up for lost time, Derek scooted across the bed so he was close to her again. He nudged her hair out of his way, and his lips sought her neck. As his kisses formed a trail along her skin, becoming progressively more deliberate and moist, his hand traced the front of her body and pausing to pay special attention to each of her breasts.

"Addie," He called softly afer just a few moments, breathing heavily against her skin.