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10 December 2006 @ 06:35 pm
Emerald City Bar  
The bell above the door rang as Addison quickly entered, trying to get out of the rain. She quickly scanned the bar for the one person she came there for.

She wasn't even sure why she was doing this. Well, she did know. She was doing this for Derek, but really, she shouldn't be. Right? Addison wasn't his wife anymore (at least she wouldn't be his wife anymore a couple days from now when they go to meet with the lawyer). She didn't have any claim to him. She didn't have any responsibility towards him, and yet here she was.

Addison loved him still and she would go through hell and back for him (she kind of already had). She hoped that deep down somewhere, he was still her Derek and that they could possibly work their way to being friends again. When their marriage fell apart, Addison had lost her best friend and her husband. Now, she only wanted to be able to hold onto one of them.

Her eyes finally fell on Derek who was sitting at the counter, nursing another glass of alcohol. She frowned as she went over to his side. "Derek?" she said softly, feeling all the eyes from people who work at the hospital on them. Derek just had to pick the one bar everyone from the hospital went to.
dr_shep on December 11th, 2006 09:34 pm (UTC)
Derek didn't know what to make of anything. Though the alcohol was wearing off slowly, his mind was still clouded, and he wasn't sure sobriety would really make matters any clearer.

He loved Meredith and wanted to be rid of Addison. Or so that was what he'd been telling himself since he'd arrived in Seattle. He wanted the spunky intern who hero worshipped and pined for her McDreamy. He didn't want his wife who slept with Mark Sloan on the flannel sheets (Derek's favorite) and immediately called her lover to her side as soon as they'd determined their marriage over. He'd spent months pretending to work it out with Addison, but it had never really been a question.

Nothing had made any difference to change his mind, thus far. Not Meredith's trysts with other men. Not Addison's appologies. Not the Chief's cautionary tale about affairs with women named Grey. Not Meredith's inability to choose him. Not even hearing about his wife crying in a supply closet (apparently hiding from both himself and Meredith).

With the exception of a few hiccups, Derek had known exactly what he wanted for quite some time. And then Addison had told him not to hurt Meredith... again. He didn't know if it was what she was saying, and he realized his propensity for hurting Meredith that he'd never had for Addison (at least not for years). Or maybe it had been the look in her eye, not contempt or hatred or pain or disinterest (the things he figured a wife was supposed to feel for her cheating husband) but sheer disappointment.

Suddenly, Derek knew that he had failed Addison. She no longer saw him as the man she had married 12 years earlier. That Derek would never have hurt the woman he loved. He would have gone out of his way to protect her. Instead, he had hurt Meredith, and then he had hurt Addison.

Now he was floundering and confused because he knew he couldn't be with Meredith. Hurting her again was inevitable. He was just too good at it. And suddenly he was feeling confusing things for Addison. He didn't know if it was love, but it was certainly the closest thing to love he'd felt for Addison Shepherd in months. It was a little bit terrifying.

Finally, Derek decided he couldn't deal with the silence. His drunken mind was on overload, and he needed some sort of noise to drown it out. Since he'd never bothered to learn how to operate her car's stereo and he wasn't about to attempt it drunk, Derek said the first thing that came into his mind (although it was probably not one of the smarter things he'd ever said).

"You broke my heart."