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10 December 2006 @ 06:35 pm
Emerald City Bar  
The bell above the door rang as Addison quickly entered, trying to get out of the rain. She quickly scanned the bar for the one person she came there for.

She wasn't even sure why she was doing this. Well, she did know. She was doing this for Derek, but really, she shouldn't be. Right? Addison wasn't his wife anymore (at least she wouldn't be his wife anymore a couple days from now when they go to meet with the lawyer). She didn't have any claim to him. She didn't have any responsibility towards him, and yet here she was.

Addison loved him still and she would go through hell and back for him (she kind of already had). She hoped that deep down somewhere, he was still her Derek and that they could possibly work their way to being friends again. When their marriage fell apart, Addison had lost her best friend and her husband. Now, she only wanted to be able to hold onto one of them.

Her eyes finally fell on Derek who was sitting at the counter, nursing another glass of alcohol. She frowned as she went over to his side. "Derek?" she said softly, feeling all the eyes from people who work at the hospital on them. Derek just had to pick the one bar everyone from the hospital went to.
dr_shep on December 15th, 2006 04:59 am (UTC)
Derek placed his hand softly on her hip, guiding her toward the bed, "Stay in bed with me, Addie. Just for tonight."

He hated himself for needing her so much. It was wrong. He'd not needed for for so long, and he only needed her the moment he couldn't have her.

He was supposed to need Meredith. He was supposed to be yearning to wrap his arms around the frail blonde. Instead, all he could think of was holding his wife (who fit him so perfectly) and losing his face in her mess of red hair. He wasn't suposed to want Addison.

But he did. He glanced down at his hand resting softly on her hip, and he realized how much the small gesture meant. He'd been resting his hand in this very spot for more than a third of his life. He knew exactly what she looked like underneath his T-shirt and boxers because she was Addison. Her body was as familiar to him as his own.

As much as he had tried to deny these simple facts for months, it didn't make them any less true. And it only made everything more confusing. He just wished he could forget how perfect she was for him, and everything would work itself out. He didn't necessarily have faith that it would work the other way. And that terrified him.